Raising troops cost 1/1 for every 500 men.

During winter it will cost 0/1 per 500 men to have your troops outside of your territories.

1500 or more men require a general to move outside of your territories. Once outside your territories your General can send out forces in manuvers at a distance no greater than 2 away from the General.

Troops can move a default of 5 spaces overland and 4 spaces over water. These are affected by House and Regional Traits.

When moving an army include it's path; this is very important.

For navies((Those with feeble take -1 for each))

1st move is landing - up to 3 moves inland for all navies.

2nd move is landing - up to 2 moves inland for all navies

3rd move is landing - up to 1 move inland for regular navies - 3 for Seafarers.

4th move is landing - no moves for regular navies - 2 moves for Seafarers.

5th move is landing - no moves for regular navies - 1 move for Seafarers

6th (or up) move is landing - no moves for regular navies or Seafarers.

Combat in Diplomacy while being a big factor in the game we've refined to an easy science.

In battle the largest force wins; how many loses the larger force takes depends on size of the force, general traits and wonders.

In order to win a battle without loses you must be more than 4 x strong than the opposing force.

2500 to beat 500

4500 to beat 1000

6500 to beat 1500 

If you are not more than 4x larger you take half losses rounded down. 4000 vs 1000 becomes 2000.

Siegeing is another part of the game. In order to siege a castle you must keep at least 500 men there for the duration. If at any point you are defeated or move your troops away you must restart the siege again.

Players undersiege can receive resources; up to the cap.

While under siege a player cannot:

1. Send away resources

2. Trade land

3. Send nobles

Rules for Diplomacy

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