It goes without saying these orders will need to be PMed to me. To add a final layer of possible deceit and deception to the game, I have decided assassinations must be included for the game to finally be complete.


Ned: I've heard it said that poison is a woman's weapon.

Grand Maester: Yes, women, cravens and eunuchs.

An expensive but far more subtle way to deal with your enemies. They require direct contact, so in that way are part traceable. There are two kinds available:

(10 food) The Strangler: Will insantly kill its victim the turn after it is used.

(5 food) Widow's Blood: The bowels of the victim shut down, drowning them in their own poisons over the course of a turn. Can be cured with the spending of 3 gold to fetch a nearby Maester. Example:

While squiring with Lord Bolton, little Gerion Argyle was instruced by his father to poison the Lord's wine with Widow's Blood on Turn 4. Turn 5 rolls around, and Lord Bolton is dying. However, he calls a maester from a nearby province for a sizable fee, and is cured beginning of Turn 6. He cannot lead armies while poisoned. Knowing there were no foriegners but Gerion in his lands, he has the boy taken hostage and goes to war against Lord Argyle.


Tyrion Lannister: What sort of imbecile arms an assassin with his own blade?

Costs 5 gold

A cheap assassin; on a 25% chance he can attempt to assassinate another character. There is also a 50% chance of him revealing who sent him when he is inevitably caught...


Jaqen H'ghar: Valar Morghulis

25 Gold

The Faceless men do not fail. 

Turn 4, the order goes out.

Turn 5, you recieve his head in a box.

None are any the wiser.

Rules for Diplomacy

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