Player: Bright Blue Eyes                                              Legacy Points: 8

House: Vardmador

Lord: Jon Vardmador m

Sigil; Or, griffin sergreant gules, langued and armed argent.

House Words: Stay Vigilant

Positive Trait: Craftsmen

Negative Trait: Saltfear

Regional Trait: Westerlands


Robert Vardmador,  59, widowed

        -Hoster Vardmador, 39, m. Arya Marbrand, 36

                Catelyn Vardmador, 17

                Edric Vardmador, 15

                Alys Vardmador, 12

                Addam Vardmador, 8

                Darlessa Vardmador, 8

        -Brynden Vardmador, 35, m. Wylla Reyne, 32

        Daven Vardmador, 14

        Arya Vardmador, 9

Theon Vardmador, 55, m. Alys Connington, 51

        Edmure Vardmador, 33, m. Margaery Piper

                Elia Vardmador, 5

        Damion Vardmador, 29




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