Q: What happens when a player’s capital is under siege?

A: He/She can’t give resources, lands and armies away, but can receive them.

Q: What happens when you capture another player’s entire family/last member of the House?

A: Effectively take control of all his lands and armies.

Q: Can someone order troops before the levy order deadline and then transfer the land after that in the same round to the other player?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to destroy ports?

A: Yes, with an explicit order. While the conquest of a region requires the taking of its castle, that doesn’t apply to the port – so a region can be taken without its port being destroyed. This also applies to farms and mines.

Q: What happens when two players sack a region/take a castle at the same time?

A: The territory/loot goes to the player who has the bigger army. If it is a castle-less territory, it goes to whoever sacked it last (depending on the moves of the army). If both criteria are equal (the armies are the same size and they sacked the region at the same time), the two players have to agree with each other who gets the territory and how to split the loot, if there is any.

Q: Can an army march through a region that has an enemy castle, but no troops in it?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you sack your own regions to destroy the infrastructure there for good and all, scorched earth strategy?

A: Yes.

Q: Can a port in a recently sacked region be used? Or one in an enemy's region which you are currently sieging?

A: Yes. Any port can be used by any army at any time, as long as there is no armed resistance against them at that region or if they have defeated it.

Q: Can you have a general command a couple engagements and then be transferred elsewhere before the combat phase ends? Not to command some other contingent, just to experience the last two move of the combat phase ten regions away.

A: No, you can't have a general transferred away in the middle of the battle phase. This would defeat the purpose of having a general.

Rules for Diplomacy

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