Generals are the titans of the battle field. Males by blood that are aged 16 or older.

General Traits: These are acquired as General wins battles. Every win gives the general 1 point and once a trait is chosen the total wins reverts back to 0((or whatever the chosen trait subtracted from the wins is))

A General can only have on trait at a time:with the exception of Knight which stacks.

        Squires attached to a General on the march gain 1 point as well.

2 Wins((Or is Knighted))Knight: The General is a knight; he must be taken captive and given a trial. If he is captured Turn 2, all of Turn 3 he will be under trial in a region owned by his captors (He can be rescued during this time). By Turn 4 he can be declared guilty and killed/jailed for eternity/whatever you delight in, or he can have requested a trial by combat. He has a 50% chance of success in this regard, unless the Lord himself or one of his sons' fights. In the latter case, he only has a 10% chance of success, though if he wins the Lord/his son dies.

2 Wins Conservative General: After winning with your forces halved troops round up not down.

2 Wins Duelist: This General has a 75%(20% against a noble) or 50%(other duelist) chance of winning a trial by combat

2 Wins Forced March: Your General can move 2 extra spaces; this stacks with House Traits.

2 Wins Defender: This army acts like 500 more men if it does not move that turn.

4 Wins Reaver: This General can raid a territory for 1/1 as long as it does not contain a castle; when a siege is successful of a capital they receive half the savings rounded up. This stacks((when raiding a territory only)) with the Reaver Ironborn trait giving that player 2/2 for a sacked regon.

4 Wins Cautious General: If outnumbered this General retreats with 1,000((or less)) to a friendly castle/neutral region. 

5 Wins Aggresive General: This Generals army acts 1000 stronger

6 Wins Siege Breaker:  This General can siege a castle in the turn it attacks((unless there are modifiers)) as long as they outnumber the troops garrisoned there by 4 to 1. If no men are there a force of 2000 is required.

7 Wins Champion: 90% chance of winning a trial by combat. 50% against a duelist and if the other is a champion no modiier.

7 Wins Master-at-Arms: Troops raised in a territory occupied by this general do not have to wait a turn before moving.

8 Wins Worthy of Loyalty: This general acquires 500 of the defeated force when he wins a battle. 

10 wins Skinchanger: This general rounds up to the nearest thousand after winning; he causes 2000 extra losses if he loses and his army acts 1000 men stronger than it is. There is a 1/25 chance of this general taking control of an enemy dragon.

Rules for Diplomacy

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