This will be your House. Your way to make alliances, control land and become the One True King of Westeros.

How to form your family: 

You'll want to start with a Lord and a Lady- remember that rolls for death start at age 45.

A good basis to start your Lord and Lady around 20-25. Then every child you add; add 4 years. This is how we limit the number of children without going insane. This means you can have 6 children of various ages and have a Lord at 45 years old.

The format will be:

Lord's Name:


Positive Trait:

Negative Trait:

Members:((Remember 5 will be used to count for Legacy Points))- not including the Lord or Lady.

Regions: ((Will be chosen at random)) Pick your capital and what kind of castle you'd like it to be.

House Traits: Only 1 Positive/Negative trait; if you pick a positive trait you need to pick a negative trait.

        Positive Traits:

                Greenthumbs: +1 Food per turn

                Silverfingered: +1 Gold per turn

                Wrought for battle: Generals gain experience at double the rate

                Northern Blood: This house does not pay winter penalties.

                Craftsmen: Builds castles/ports/wonders in two turns less time.

                Seafarers: Troops can travel twice as far over water

                Hardy: Troops can travel three extra spaces over land.

                Conquerors: This player can conqeuor a region in 2 less turns

             Good Stock: These characters do not roll for death until age 65. With a 25 sided die for winter and a +3 to tournament rolls. 

                Raiders: Can take over the colonization of a region already underway by another player by force.

        Negative Traits:

                Physical/Mental Disfurgment: 40% chance of family member being born with trait: 

                        Choose one: Cannot compete in tourneys or cannot marry other nobles

                Inbreeding: Members of your family do not marry outside of the family.

                Gluttons: Members start rolling or death at age 35.

               Cravens: Generals for this house acquire experience at half-rate

                Feeble: Troops move 2 less regions per turn.

                Saltfear: Troops move half as far over water.

                Upjumped stewards: 2 more turns for a sacked province to become fruitfull

                 Clueless Enginners: House takes an extra turn to build anything                 

Rules for Diplomacy                 

Legacy Points

Regional Traits

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