How to play the game:

This game is played through communication; you talk with your nearest allies, broker deals, gain land and position troops.

90% of the game is played behind the scenes via PM's between you and other players doing just these things.

The other 10% is orders to the Game Master.

Public Orders:

x/x to colonize, x/x to build

x/x to raise xxxx troops

Squiring, weddings, fosterings, NATs, movement of prisoners

Gifting of land.

Moving nobles

Private Orders: sent directly to the GM

Troop movements

Assassination attempts

Sending resources

Your orders should be explicit. If you say troops from x more to y without a path then I'll be asking you the path. You should also make sure to confirm everything in the thread.

If Player 1 wants a NAT with Player 2 but Player 2 doesn't confirm and then PLayer 1 moves an army to the same spot; these armies will fight. 

Rules for Diplomacy 

Regional Traits 

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