kYour region helps define you. These stack with House Traits so that may factor into your House Creation

Vale: Castles get one extra turn of siege. Feeble Trait (-2 movement on land). Ports count as Trading Posts.

Crownlands: -2 construction time within Crownlands borders.

Fearful Smallfolk((1 extra turn to colonize)) Blood Of Old Valyria for all houses with capitals there.

Riverlands: Greenthumbs (+1 food per turn). Upjumped Stewards (1 extra turn to conquer). Farms (cost 2 food, 2 turns to build, may be built by anyone with land in the riverlands.)

Westerlands: Silverfingered (+1 gold per turn). Fearful Smallfolk (1 extra turn to colonize). Gold Mines (cost 2 gold, 2 turns to build, may be built by anyone with land in the westerlands.)

Iron Islands: Feeble (-2 movement on land). Reavers Trait (sacking a territory yields 1/1-max one territory per turn). When a siege is complete gains half of the saved resources rounded up.

No embarkment penalty; applies to anyone with troops here.

Automatic seafarer trait

Rules for Diplomacy

House Creation and Traits

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