Once every 3 years, a Lord may host a Tourney/Event. Hosting a tourney costs nothing, but requires at least 12 participants for one event (Not players, but able characters).  Any lad/lady of 16 or older can attend the tourney(attending is free), and for the duration of the tourney(1 turn) will be located in the host's capital region.  It is therefore advised to maintain a strong garrison during these events and to procure whatever pacts deemed necessary, along with everyone being guaranteed guest right (you can't kill any guests off OR take any prisoners though you can poison them and vice versa; they are simply there for the event.)

Junior events are also allowed for squires and such.

   The host then chooses whichever categories/games/hunting target they wish, and all participants have a chance to win gold for their respective houses as well as bragging rights. A participant can enter and win all categories, but be warned; there is a 1/30 chance of being maimed for every category a participant takes part in, and a 1/50 chance of death. Other players' characters can also be knighted at a tourney.

A tourney host is allowed 8 gold in prizes to distribute as they see fit that THEY DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR. It is the reward for braving death and be willing to come together in a setting where backstabs are a casual occurrence ;D

How this works in relation to Turns:

Turn 13 The King of the Eastern marshes decides to hold a tourney, and proclaims it to the entire realm.

The other lords proclaim who is attending the tournament and which categories their lords are competing in; if there are atleast 12 participants in one of the categories the tournament goes forth.

Turn 14, all of the participants are moved to the host's region for the duration of the turn after the army movement phase(meaning you cannot invade and capture everyone at once). By Turn 14's end they are returned, with the winners being announced.

If someone were to invade the host region Turn 14, the tourney would obviously be canceled, and the host could try again when they weren't being besieged  

A normal Tournament will become a Grand Tournament if 20 or more participants happen. A Grand Tourney can only be held once every 5 years.

The grand prize for one event in a Grand Tournament will be a dragon egg

Rules for Diplomacy

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