Turns last 3 days. 24 hours before the turn deadline all levy orders must be in otherwise they will not be counted.

<Army Movement Phase> 

All armies are moved into place

<Combat Phase>

All combats are carried out, we figure out who won and lost, and if there need to be deliberations. If there is any pillaging it is carried out and sorted here. Any nobles captured are imprisoned in the capital of the attacker, and are officially under control of the attacker forthwith until ransomed back or released. In order to move a noble to another territory, there is a one gold cost. They can then be moved to any region in theSouth; refer to the other topic for exile rules and the consequences.

Moving nobles must be done the turn before; you can't realize you're being attacked this turn and then want to move them. Also, you can’t move anyone if the region they are located is under siege.

<Income Phase>

All players receive their allotted incomes after all combat is resolved. As a note, incomes are displayed but not a player's banks; this will be carefully monitored. Trading is completely fair game, but a moderator (just me for now) must be notified. Gold and Food are a sackable resource, and all players banks are located in their capitals. If someone sacks your capital and you didn't send off your gold and food to another player the last turn, then half of it goes to the attacker rounded down, with the other half being lost from inefficiency of pillaging.

<Diplomacy Phase>

This is the real meat. All planning with other players is done here and is effectively 99.9% of the turn. Beware of espionage and marrying off your family, though at some times they will be necessary. Feel free to contact other players to set up alliances, crown kings(though anyone can crown themselves a king), or do whatever you like really, the freedom is key here.

   Any actions taken, such as raising levies need to be posted on the boards. Any crownings of kings or constructing of castles should be noted here as well, along with marriages. Nobles are moved at the end of this turn and can be moved using a PM (except for marriages, fosterings and tourneys). Trades and attacks can be public or PMs; Rebellions will probably want to be private, but if you insist you can make them public.

   The list of orders that have to be posted in-thread (and be made public) includes:

Levy orders (“2/2 to raise 1000 men at Highgarden”) Colonize orders (“2/2 to colonize Inchfield”) Build orders (“2/2 to build a Castle (gold) at Ivy Hall”) Marriage announcements (“1 gold to send my daughter Alys Hastwyck to Holyhall to marry Edric Bollingfield”) Non-attack agreements (NATs) (House Hastwyck announces a NAT with House Bollingfield) Gifting of regions (“House Bollingfield gives Longtable to House Hastwyck”) Fostering/Squire agreements (“Send my son Aldrick Bollingfield to squire for Lord Hastwyck”) Swearing fealty

   This list is not complete. If you want to issue an order and you’re not sure whether it should be public (in-thread) of private (in your PM to me), please feel free to ask me.

<Reinforcement Phase> 

Technically at the very END of the turn is when all counties/regions are reinforced with levies raised this turn.

Rules for Diplomacy

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