1. Building the world's greatest fortress

Costs 20 gold and 10 food, requires an existing castle and 8 turns to build. The region it is in produces 3/3 (including any castle bonuses) a turn and can withstand three turns of siege.

Arguably the easiest of the wonders to achieve/complete, it also takes the most time.

When another player conquerors this region they gain this wonder.

2. Establishing the citadel

Costs 28 gold, 25 food and requires 6 turns to build. Limt 1 per map

Where the Maesters forge their chains, and where the 'latest' scientific and magical discoveries occur and are recorded. Causes all provinces of the owner to produce 2/2 instead of 1/1. There can only be ONE Citadel at a time. It can be captured and takes only 3 turns to bend to new ownership. The original owner can reclaim it within that time and it will instantly begin doubling the production of his provinces.

 When region is fully conquerored all benefits go to other player

3. Forging the Iron Throne

Costs 30 gold and food each, and 6 turns to build. Limit 1 per map

 When region is conquerored benefits go to other player

The throne of the true king of Westeros; forging it causes the regions of all players who have sworn fealty to you to produce 2/2 - but not your own. The ultimate tool of kings.

4. Create Lightbringer/Create a magic Valyrian Steel Sword. 

Requires 5 sacrifices of noble birth for Rhlorr, and a 6th in the form of ones wife. Has a 33% success rate.

Whoever wields Lightbringer gets a +15 to all tourney events, will always win a duel, and takes no losses upon winning a battle when leading an army.

 Can only be captured if general holding it does not have the knight trait.

5. Hatch a Dragon

Hatching a dragon is the single most difficult, expensive and time consuming of all the wonders. There are numerous locations around the map a single individual with valryian blood must travel to with a dragon egg, which can also only be obtained in a Grand Tournament(Once every 5 years, 30 nobles total must compete). This includes a 25 gold and food trip to Tyrosh with the egg to find Valryian Scrolls. Finally, hatching a dragon also requires the blood of a king, queen, or heir to a throne.

Dragons will annihilate an army of any size with no damage to their own. They must travel with an army, a permanently attached noble and have a 1/15 chance of being killed in the fight. They also cost 2 food and 2 gold a turn to maintain.

Has a 1/25 chance of being captured by a General with the skinchanger trait

Locations to take the egg:



Casterly Rock

Greywater Watch

The 3 turn Trip to Tyrosh off-map(25 gold and 25 food)

Return to Dragonstonel after having spilled the blood of a king/queen/heir on the egg, or with a king/queen/heir to sacrifice

6. The Wall

Costs 25 gold and 15 food, and takes 6 turns to construct; disrupting its construction requires a turn of siege.

Players can erect a wall along one of a region's borders to create an impassable permanent obstacle, forcing armies to go around it. A great tool for defense and funneling armies, if a bit expensive

7. The Great Sept and The Faith Militant

Costs 18 gold, 18 food, and requires 6 turns to build.

Establishes a permanent garrison in the region of 3,000 men to assist in defense; cannot be moved. Replenished by the next income phase. 

If region is conquerored player takes control of this wonder.

Rules for Diplomacy

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